Emotion Focused Therapy Training

Train in the Pacific Northwest with leaders of EFT.

Serine Warwar, PhD.

Serine Warwar, Ph.D., is a registered Clinical Psychologist who is a faculty member of the Emotion-Focused Therapy Institute affiliated with the York University Psychology Clinic. She has been an EFT trainer for over 15 years and provides EFT supervision and training to professionals and students. She has participated in international trainings and workshops and has been the skills facilitator for the EFT couples training and the EFT level 2 training for the past several years. She participated as a therapist for several EFT randomized control trials, for the treatment of depression and emotional injury in individuals and couples.

Over the years Serine has used EFT to treat different clinical populations, including: incarcerated domestically violent men; individuals who have suffered psychological and physical trauma; and suicidal individuals with borderline personality disorder. She has published in the areas of emotional processing and emotion regulation, and was involved in developing an EFT psychotherapy treatment program for individuals and couples resolving emotional injuries. She is also in full-time private practice in Toronto, seeing individuals and couples for EFT and provides Emotion Focused Coaching to business professionals.